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Frequently asked questions

Will we learn about culture in the workshop?

Our workshops are created as learning spaces about systemic racism and colonization impacting Indigenous People’s lives. This main learning is recommended preceding learning about culture. We hope non-Indigenous people will learn a decolonizing view of their identity on Indigenous land, before sharing a space to learn about culture.

How does your work connect to Reconciliation and Indigenization?

We recognize that Reconcilitation and Indigenization can have varied meanings. We take a decolonizing antiracism approach to learning. In this way, our workshops are designed to support people to learn various aspects of critical and decolonizing engagement. We aim to provide people with the tools to be better positioned to take actions in both their work and their day to day lives.

How do you deliver these workshops in Covid times?

Our current workshop delivery is online in live time. We have heard from many participants that our Zoom workshop, was more interactive than anticipated. The nature of the activities keeps participants actively engaged throughout the workshop. As the Covid situation shifts, we will post an update on the transition to in-person delivery. We expect we will continue to offer some virtual delivery as well.

How long are your workshops?

Our workshops are full day workshops, typically 9am to 4pm. They range from 1 day to multiple day offerings. ‘Principled Engagement with Indigenous People’ is 1-3 days. 'Responding to Indigenous-Specific Racism' is 1-2 days.

Do you offer 1/2 day workshops?

With the exception of the "Meaningful Land Acknowlegement" workshop, we predominately do full-day or multi-day workshops to support a decolonizing learning process. There are some exceptions. For more information, please contact us.

How many people per group for your workshops?

16 is the ideal number but we will accommodate up to 20 people.

How much do you charge?

As contactors, we are covering all of the expenses that are usually covered for employees. With that in mind, we also consider what the organization can afford, within reason. We will be happy to speak with you more about this.

What preparation will I need to do?

We provide a 'Workshop Set-up' document containing the Zoom link and other 'Tips'. In general, we ask participants to ensure they have a private space to work, and a computer (not a tablet or phone) is preferable. Some multi-day workshops include pre-reading.

Do you do presentations?

Yes, we periodically do presentations, but our main focus is workshops and courses. Please contact us for more information:

What will my staff learn?

Examine past and present realities that Indigenous People experience Connect the relationship between beliefs and actions Identify links between individual and systemic responsibilities Learn tools for engagement, safe service and equity Assess next steps in your learning journeyHow colonization is ongoing Please see "Our Offerings" page for more information.

Do you offer advanced workshops?

Yes, we also offer a workshop specifically focused on Responding to Indigenous-specific Racism . Click here for more info.